What PwCs Strategy Consulting Can Do for Your Business


Overview of PwC’s Strategy Consulting

PwC’s strategy consulting services have become increasingly popular, as businesses from all industries look to leverage their expertise in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace. Their services cover all aspects of business strategy from portfolio optimization, to technology implementation and digital transformation.

In this overview, we’ll look at the different services PwC provides, and the benefits of working with them for your business strategy:

What is strategy consulting?

Strategy consulting is the practice of providing advice and guidance to an organization by helping it create a better understanding of its place in the marketplace. In today’s constantly-evolving business landscape, strategy consulting is more important than ever. It is essential for any business that seeks to develop a competitive edge and secure long-term growth.

PwC’s Strategy Consulting focuses on providing high-level advisory services to help organizations manage their risks, capitalize on opportunities, enhance performance, drive innovation and achieve desired goals. Through our deep industry expertise, we identify complex issues that may be impacting your business and unlock the organizational capabilities required to drive long-term value. We challenge assumptions and leverage insights to create customized strategies that address each client’s unique context.

From creating realistic objectives to driving transformation across all parts of your organization, our comprehensive solutions enable you to respond more effectively to changing market trends, develop new capabilities for agility in responding to competitors’ offerings and remain competitive in today’s landscape. By aligning our guidance with your vision for success, we support organizations through optimal results based on sound decisions – bringing about measurable and tangible business outcomes.

What can PwC’s strategy consulting do for your business?

PwC’s strategy consulting solutions provide a wide range of services, including strategy formulation and execution, operations improvement, business model and portfolio optimization, digital transformation and innovation, customer experience management and analytics. Our experienced consultants help organizations diagnose their current performance, identify problems and opportunities for improvement and develop solutions to create competitive advantage.

PwC’s methodology incorporates data-driven insights gained from the application of traditional tools such as competitive analysis. We believe this is the ideal way to understand industry trends, benchmark performance against peer companies, analyze consumer sentiment and identify strategic opportunities. In addition to traditional industry analysis methods such as Porter’s 5 Forces Modeling or McKinsey’s 7-S Framework of Strategy Analysis, PwC uses more advanced capabilities including:

  • PESTLE (political/economic/social/technological/legal/environmental) analysis;
  • Scenario Planning;
  • Business Model Canvas;
  • Value Chain Analysis;
  • Game Theory;
  • SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats);
  • Risk Priority Matrix;
  • Balanced Scorecards;
  • Preference Assessment & Creativity Tools;
  • Decision Trees & Value Analysis (for capital investments);
  • Economic & Financial Modelling tools;
  • Agility Assessments & Change Modeling tools (for post-merger integration).

We provide deep expertise in formulating strategies that drive organizational processes forward yet remain flexible enough to rapidly respond to changes in customer behavior or technology needs.

We also offer comprehensive implementation support when needed. Our team guides clients through key decisions on how best to integrate new techniques into existing processes while helping with the design of pilot programs or testing new products prior to launch.

PwC’s Approach to Strategy Consulting

PwC’s strategy consulting practice helps companies assess their current situation, devise long-term strategies, and set clear objectives. By leveraging our team’s deep industry experience and insights, PwC’s approach helps organizations identify opportunities, create value, and transform their businesses.

Our strategy consultants can provide a comprehensive end-to-end process to help you get the most out of your business. Let’s take a closer look at what PwC’s strategy consulting can do for you:

Identifying and analyzing your business’ core objectives

As part of PwC’s approach to strategy consulting, our experts work to identify and analyze your business’ core objectives. This begins with a thorough assessment of your current performance, understanding both internal and external influences.

Together, we will develop a clear vision for the future of your business. Our team puts this plan into action by engaging stakeholders in order to help drive the necessary change in operations and culture. We believe that any strategic decision and implementation should take into account the larger picture and industry trends in order to create long-term solutions that are customised to meet the specific needs of each client.

We analyse existing capabilities and resources, as well as identify areas of potential improvement, carefully weighing opportunities presented by new technology against associated risks. Our focus is on creating value through monetization strategies, cost management initiatives and greater efficiency through process optimization–all while driving innovation within the customer’s operations.

Our strategy consulting services enable customers in various industries to achieve their growth ambitions while minimizing risk exposure along the way.

Developing a comprehensive strategy to achieve those objectives

Once the objectives have been set, the next step in PwC’s approach to strategy consulting is to develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve those objectives. This involves analyzing and assessing the environment, competitors and opportunities while looking at potential risks.

This analysis includes both external and internal elements. The external nature of this analysis looks at understanding customer needs, competitive advantages in the market and industry changes while also incorporating potential trends or disruptive forces that your business may face along with how you can use them as an advantage. Internal review looks at your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity which will be key to helping form a holistic picture of how your business should adapt and respond to create greater successes within its chosen markets.

At PwC, we focus our strategy assessments on four specific components – assessing the current environment for data-driven decision-making; creating non-financial value drivers; adopting technology optimization for new digital opportunities; and focusing on people through transformation initiatives for improved engagement. Our methodology emphasizes developing creative strategies that provide tangible results that are both meaningful and measurable to our clients’ success in business performance.

At every stage of this process, PwC helps ensure that you get not only expert advice but also recommendations backed by an efficiently executed plan which takes into account all feasible scenarios when it comes to delivering measurable growth targets with minimized operational risk. Let us help provide you with actionable insights that result in sustainable long-term success for your organization.

Implementing and monitoring the strategy

Once the proposed strategy has been developed and accepted, PwC’s strategy consulting team will then assist clients in implementing and monitoring the strategy. The implementation process will include the assignment of clear roles, responsibilities, timeline and budget for all key stakeholders in order to ensure that necessary steps are taken to execute the approved strategy.

The team will also provide ongoing service to monitor the implementation of the strategy, working closely with stakeholders throughout the process. This includes tracking progress against agreed upon deliverables and results; providing an unbiased opinion on difficulties or questions that arise during implementation; and consulting on particular challenges or issues. The team may be called upon at any stage of implementation in order to assist with any problems or confusion with regards to executing the strategy.

PwC’s Strategy Consulting can provide added value services in areas such as long-term organizational planning—including management structure, organization design, staffing plan review, cost benefit analysis review, department renewal/restructuring—and management system design such as forming KPIs for performance measurement/monitoring and target setting.

Benefits of Working with PwC

Working with PwC’s Strategy Consulting team can provide your business with a range of advantages. Their experienced team of experts can provide industry-specific insights and advice that can help your business reach its fullest potential. They can also offer a range of strategic services that can help you make informed decisions and plan for the future.

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of partnering with PwC’s Strategy Consulting:

Experienced and knowledgeable consultants

PwC has a global team of experienced, knowledgeable consultants with an in-depth understanding of global markets and economies, as well as the business environment they work in. Our strategy consultants will design custom solutions addressing your specific organizational goals. Each consultant brings his or her own unique set of skills to the table and applies them to drive organization forward.

At PwC, we like to think differently and challenge conventional wisdom, excavating deep into the issues to identify creative approaches that help our clients find success. We take a collaborative approach that brings together diverse perspectives from multiple disciplines in order to generate thorough insights and actionable strategies for our clients. Our core capabilities encompass five distinct areas:

  • Corporate Strategy & Financial Analysis
  • Customer Strategy & Experience Design
  • Business Model Renewal & Transformation
  • Growth & Innovation
  • Human Capital Transformation

When you choose to work with PwC, you are leveraging our collective experience, knowledge, capabilities and reach – all designed around your strategic purposes to help you succeed in today’s time-sensitive markets. We draw on our extensive network of global strategists who provide industry-specific resources tailored to suit our clients’ needs – creating value over time with agile solutions that can quickly pivot to meet changing market conditions. Let us show you what we can do for your business today!

Proven track record of successful strategy implementation

PwC has an extensive track record of successful strategy implementation for clients. With a broad range of disciplines and insight, our team can help implement strategies that work with the resources available.

From taking a thorough look at organizational strengths and weaknesses, developing an in-depth strategy to improve performance, to binding all the activities and departments to create a comprehensive plan of action, PwC offers comprehensive services that are tailored to your individual needs.

We partner with you throughout the entire process, helping you adapt your strategy as needed and mitigating potential risks. Our team is compiled of experts in the industry’s most advanced technology who know how to use relative data to drive business decisions which will ultimately contribute to improved performance.

Ultimately, PwC’s Strategy Consulting services have led to numerous successful implementations across industries with tangible results on ROI and customer satisfaction due benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings. Our team will work with you on building practical strategies that significantly increase return from your investments in resources.

Access to PwC’s vast network of resources and contacts

Working with PwC’s strategy consultants can provide your business with an extensive array of resources and contacts. With access to PwC’s extensive global network, you can benefit from problem-solving expertise and advice from experienced professionals in over 160 countries around the world. PwC is also connected to vital local and international business communities, giving you the opportunity to tap into influential contacts when needed.

By partnering with PwC’s strategy consultants, you are part of a larger network of industry players, leaders, financiers and advisors who are dedicated to helping grow businesses in various industries—from retail to healthcare. Additionally, through their workspaces available all around the globe, you can easily connect with other members of the PwC network to explore new opportunities and potential solutions tailored to your unique needs. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, they can help open up new doors for your business.

PwC has a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors that can help identify insights quickly across industries giving them an advantage when understanding bigger picture implications for organizations looking for sustainable growth strategies. Teams come from diverse backgrounds which helps allow for different ideas on how an organization can move forward on key strategic initiatives within specified timelines. Thought leadership is second nature to the team at PwC which gives organizations the ability to go beyond what they thought possible when it comes to their own strategies and plans of action going forward.


PwC’s Strategy Consulting can be an invaluable asset for businesses looking to achieve their goals, whether those objectives involve growth, diversification, cost reduction, or something else. PwC provides valuable insights on the industry and competition, as well as assistance with organizational structure, business processes and systems, and the development of strategic plans.

This section will explore the conclusions of PwC’s strategy consulting services and how they can help your business succeed.

Summary of PwC’s strategy consulting services

PwC’s Strategy& Strategy Consulting team can help you assess and plan your organisation’s future path. Our services focus on four main disciplines: innovation and transformation, customer and operations, sustainability, economic development and competitiveness.

  • Innovation & Transformation: We work with you to set strategy, assess technology capabilities, develop digital solutions and design innovative customer experiences.
  • Customer & Operations: From value propositions to loyalty programs and process improvements to operational efficiency initiatives, we can help develop the right mix of measures to build a better relationship with customers.
  • Sustainability: With the right strategic approach, you can balance environmental protection with financial performance in order to maintain a competitive edge in your industry.
  • Economic Development & Competitiveness: Our teams have the expertise to support clients in growing their businesses as well as contributing to local economic development initiatives.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services that helps organisations realise their ambitions by uncovering insights for sound decision-making on strategy development. From understanding complex scenarios resulting from rapid change, designing high-impact strategies for growth that balances risk management considerations against ambition; our team is dedicated to supporting disruptive organisations at every stage of growth cycle.

How PwC can help your business succeed

PwC’s strategy consulting services fill an important gap between big-picture strategic planning and the implementation of strategic initiatives. In addition, PwC provides services to help companies assess their current performance, measure progress against their goals, and ultimately gain a competitive edge.

PwC offers tailored strategy consulting services to help organizations develop and execute on their business strategies. Companies of all sizes can benefit from the expertise and experience of PwC’s seasoned team. Our team comprises a unique mix of consultants that have backgrounds in strategy, industry knowledge, financial analysis, operations research, organizational dynamics, sustainability strategies and technology capabilities. This allows us to provide end-to-end solutions while helping our clients reach their goals effectively and efficiently.

Whether it is market entry or expansion strategy development, product innovation or cost optimization efforts – PwC takes a holistic approach that considers all aspects of a company’s industry environment as well as its overall organizational dynamics and capabilities. We take into account all relevant aspects such as:

  • Competition dynamics
  • Industry trends
  • Customer needs and preferences
  • Legal or regulatory issues
  • Technological advancements
  • Social media opportunities
  • Sustainability objectives

shaping a tailor-made solution for our client’s success with the guidance of their long-term strategic objective in mind.

Our experiential approach helps organizations identify crucial areas where PwC can bring measurable value to optimize operations, boost revenue growth, advance market share etc., developing comprehensive plans that explore different scenarios while understanding the implications they may have on profitability, market position, compliance, staffing etc., making sure nothing is overlooked when building an optimal solution that optimizes business outcomes.