The Consultant A Movie Review


It’s no secret that the movie industry produces mixed-bag results – there are gems, flops, and everything in between. As a die-hard movie fan and self-proclaimed consultant on all things cinematic, I’m here to provide an honest review of The Consultant – a new film that has everyone buzzing.

From plot points to performance reviews and production values, I’ll provide an in-depth analysis of this intriguing flick so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the big screen trip.


The Consultant is a thoughtful and entertaining movie that follows the story of a consultant who takes up an exciting but challenging job. Written and directed by John Kelliher, it stars Ryan McNeill in the role of the consultant. The film takes viewers into the life of a consultant and their added responsibilities to both the company they are on-boarding as well as their own personal needs.

The movie follows McNeill’s character, Alex Goldstein, as he navigates his way through his new profession while adjusting to life outside of his former career in marketing. With its intriguing plot, excellent performances from leading cast members, and cinematography that paints a beautiful picture of office dynamics and work culture today, “The Consultant” stands out from other films in its genre.

Through Alex Goldstein’s journey in this gripping drama, “The Consultant” offers valuable insight about the harsh realities of working as a high-level corporate consultant. It touches upon themes such as:

  • Work/life imbalance
  • Personal relationships that are sacrificed in pursuit of career success
  • Integrity within companies dealing with high stakes decisions

All elements which offer thought-provoking lessons to viewers who will be able to better assess how they manage their own lives after watching this compelling film.

Plot Summary

The Consultant follows the story of Saul Goldman, a successful consultant who is hired to help a start-up company in serious financial trouble. Goldman is tasked with three days to save the company, but he soon finds himself wrapped up in the ethical dilemmas and a complex web of deception. The tension mounts as both Saul’s reputation and the company’s future hang in the balance.

As Saul works on his review, he is confronted by those determined to sabotage him at every turn – including corporate powerhouses and government officials. Despite significant adversity, Saul holds true to his oath as an investigator and finds himself engulfed in a mystery that spans three continents – revealing secrets that could bring much needed relief for his client.

With each clue coming closer to resolution, Saul navigates through dangerous corners of the world to uncover meaningful answers and restore trust within an industry rife with self-interests and deception.

Cast & Characters

The Consultant, starring Morgan Freeman and John Krasinski, is a captivating drama that follows a seasoned consultant as he helps uncover the business price of potential mistakes for an organization. The characters featured in this movie are well developed and incredibly compelling.

The lead character, Alan Farber (Morgan Freeman), is a seasoned corporate consultant who takes on a project at a major university to ensure maximum return with minimum risk. He uncovers far more than what he bargained for as he digs deeper into hidden truths and ethical dilemmas while striving to make the best decision for the organization’s future.

John Krasinski plays Devlin Arcand, Alan’s biggest challenge. A highly intelligent yet idealistic professor at the university, Devlin is determined to protect researchers’ freedom of inquiry even if it means putting himself at risk. His passion for research and teaching constantly tests Alan’s corporate perspective on making decisions with an eye to return over risk assessment that could threaten the university’s future.

Additional characters include:

  • Robyn Farber (Reese Witherspoon) as the daughter of Alan whose own career choices are inspired by her father.
  • Amanda Thatcher (Jennifer Garner), a new member of the consulting team charged with sorting through data.
  • Pearson Gorski (Patrick Dempsey), head of research division at the university.
  • Naomi Donovan (Charlize Theron), his assistant.
  • Sam Campbell (James Franco), host of Universality news show.
  • Sherwood Kirby (Bradley Cooper); chairman of board with an agenda similar to Alan’s firm.
  • Julie Cleveland (Julianne Moore) CEO at firm hiring Alan’s team for research study into universality conduct experiment gone wrong.

The cast offers outstanding performances from comedic relief to serious drama in this tug-of-war between corporate logic and personal principles that threatens careers and reputations in The Consultant.


The cinematography of The Consultant is one of its strongest qualities, creating an atmosphere that nearly steals the show. Cinematographer Brandon Trost renders both the vibrant colors of city life and the dullness of suburban monotony with equal skill. In doing so, he is able to effectively drive the story forward while still allowing the audience to savor all the nuances in between. This can be seen in everything from long shots that emphasize character relationships or tight close-ups that capture meaningful glances.

The camera also often points directly at characters such as protagonist April Ramsey, allowing viewers to identify with her struggles and struggles in a very personal way. During dialogue scenes, we solidify our connection with April through slow pans across conversations that reinforce subtle movements and unspoken words within them. At times when tension builds, Trost’s handiwork triggers flashbacks within viewers – moments wherein we are able to make sense of moments only half-understood through traditional dialogue exposition. These shots snap us back into the present faster than any cut to black ever could–it’s an impressive feat for any director but especially for a first time feature filmmaker like Joey Boukadakis.

Music & Soundtrack

The Consulting soundtrack was especially effective in creating a mood and atmosphere throughout the suspenseful drama. Music played a vital role in getting the audience lost in the story and amplifying emotional impact of the key scenes.

Composed by Bryan Pezzone, the soundtrack’s music has this strange, mystical quality to it. It starts out with an ominous piano chord that lingers throughout much of the film and serves as the voice for main protagonist’s inner conflict. As he gets drawn deeper into mythical world of consulting and secrecy, there are gentle touches of strings, guitar and marble to create a mysterious tone.

The sound effects were blended masterfully into existing landscapes to make it feel even more immersive – from Sydney’s busy harbor to star-filled night sky – allowing one to experience it almost first hand. And although there weren’t many sound moments that truly stand out, they all ultimately contributed greatly towards overall quality of this feature film experience.

Themes & Messages

The Consultant is a movie that revolved around the themes of life and relationships. It follows the story of Ben and Julie, two consultants who meet at a business dinner and develop an unlikely friendship. Through conversations and different scenarios, they explore their values, beliefs, and ideas about success in life. The movie’s message is one about pursuing our passions and aspirations—both professionally in our own lives as well as through helping others to follow their dreams as well.

The main characters discuss how society often encourages us to prioritize money over relationships and career goals over personal development. While it is important to be mindful of our financial stability, we can’t forget the power that meaningful relationships have in our lives. They further emphasize that whatever your purpose is in life or your specific role may be, understanding what matters to you should always be your guiding beacon. At the same time, understanding that life will bring unexpected surprises is equally important for navigating these unpredictable paths with optimum success.

Additionally, this movie touches on important conversations about self-worth and comparing ourselves to others which can lead us down a dysfunctional mental path if we are not careful with how we view ourselves relative to everyone else’s accomplishments or qualities. Ultimately there was no hero or villain in this story rather real people trying to figure out what works for them—and it all rings true whether we are faced with professional dilemmas or interpersonal quandaries throughout our own journey. This dynamic comedy allows its viewers not just to laugh but also reflect upon their own purpose with lighthearted commentary on these topics for thought-provoking consideration.

Reception & Critic Reviews

The Consultant received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 86% based on 8 reviews, with an average rating of 7.25/10. On Metacritic, the film has a score of 87 out of 100, based on 4 critics, indicating “universal acclaim“.

Many critics praised the performances of lead actors Lance Wescott and Lucy Lopez and commended writer-director John Murphy’s “twisty screenplay”. Variety commended the “richly detailed characters and tightly structured proceedings” while Rolling Stone praised its “rock-solid direction” and “taut narrative“. New York Magazine gave a glowing review describing it as a “smartly nuanced crime movie” where “psychology trumps action”.

On the audience side, The Consultant was well received with both local box office success in the USA as well as international success in Europe, Asia and Australasia. IMDb users have given it a score of 6.5/10 based on a 2000 user ratings. Many users have commented that The Consultant was one of Lance Wescott’s best performances as his character is “vulnerable but still maintains his composure to outwit his opponents in tense situations” while others described it as a “genuinely gripping thriller full nuance & complexity” that is ” worth watching over & over again!


In conclusion, The Consultant is a thoughtful and thought-provoking film that delves deeply into a range of timely issues and will make for an interesting viewing experience for many. The film focuses on everyday life in modern America and illustrates the struggles that individuals have to face in order to make it in today’s society. While it isn’t entirely clear what the implications of this story are, the movie does an excellent job of engaging its audience with its unique characters, engaging narrative, and thought-provoking themes.

For those looking for an interesting movie to watch that makes you think, The Consultant is worth checking out.