The consultant movie


Welcome to a world where corporate consultants can actually save the day! From the producers of The Avengers and Mission Impossible comes The Consultant, the ultimate action-packed movie about the thrilling life of a corporate consultant. You won’t want to miss this epic tale of adventure, suspense, and problem solving. So grab your popcorn, sit back, relax and watch as the consultants take on their biggest challenge yet – saving the world!


The Consultant is a captivating movie that draws audiences into a complex world of corporate espionage and intrigue. The story follows a consultant hired to take over for an executive who suddenly falls ill. With no heart for corporate games and schemes, the inexperienced consultant slowly begins to realize just how dark and dangerous the corporate world can be.

From deceitful schemes to alluring women, The Consultant will have you glued to your seat as you watch the story unfold. With its compelling plotline and unpredictable twists and turns, this movie is sure to keep you entertained and leave you guessing right up until the credits roll.


The Consultant is a 2019 comedy film directed by Joe Napolitano. It stars brothers Tim and Mike Fernald as two consultants who are hired to turn around a failing law firm, but quickly realize they have their hands full when all of the partners start feuding and making it difficult for the two consultants to succeed.

As they try to guide the partners towards an improved working relationship, the Fernald brothers use all of the tools they’ve learned while consulting for various businesses, from organizational schematic rearrangements that cut back on administrative costs, to motivational activities that get employees out of their comfort zones. Despite their attempts at improving discipline and communication within the firm – not to mention a little outside help from their old friend Coach Bennett – it’s not until some outside perspective is revealed that tensions begin to simmer down.

Will Tim and Mike be able to successfully save this law firm from certain ruin? Or will all of their efforts have been for nothing? In The Consultant, you’ll find out what happens when corporate mediators enter an already volatile workplace environment.

Cast & Crew

The Consultant movie stars Ashton W. Burden as the title character, Alex Johnson. He is an ex-Marine, living as a consultant and is hired by a tech company to protect their latest software from being stolen by hackers.

The supporting cast consists of Emmy Award winner Vanessa Myerson as his long-time friend and mentor; Oliver Schuler as the lead hacker; and Eva Franklin as the tech company’s CEO.

The director of The Consultant is Matthew Marshall, who has been the producer of several feature films and television shows in recent years. The movie’s screenplay was written by Ben Torina, who also wrote the screenplay for Netflix original film A Boy Called Po.

The film was scored by acclaimed musical composer Neil Howard, while Mark Esposito served as editor and Mick Lauer served as associate producer. Rounding out the production team are cinematographer Xavier Smith and production designer Toni Rogers.

Production & Development

The production and development of the consultant movie began with writer-director Thomas Goodrich scripting a story inspired by his life experiences. This first draft went through many revisions with the help of various partners. After outlining a production plan, Thomas then raised funding from private investors and crowd sources.

Following the financing process, pre-production began which included the hiring of key staff such as producers, production designers, actors and crew members. The script was then further tweaked based on feedback from these professionals. Finally, shooting locations were chosen and a full cast and crew was assembled for principal photography which took place over five weeks in three different states.

Post-production proved to take even longer. The director went through multiple trials to refine the picture and sound design details along with extensive editing by sub-contractors who worked remotely from all over the world while collaborating via web applications like Zoom and Skype calls when needed. Finally after months in post-production, the movie was completed ready for release in theaters across the United States.

Themes & Analysis

The Consultant is a movie that examines the power of change and its importance within an organization. Through the eyes of the two main protagonists, corporate consultant Marjorie Winston and CEO Ben Sherman, we are taken on a journey of self-discovery and discovery of how to incorporate strategic change. We follow their story as they attempt to find ways to make changes in order to move their businesses forward.

The themes explored in The Consultant include:

  • Leadership
  • Stability
  • Cooperation between organizational leaders and subordinates
  • Working together for the common good
  • “Hard work” versus “smart work”
  • Risk management
  • Resource allocation

Each of these themes help to build an understanding that this kind of change is not easy but can be made much easier with foresight and understanding of different aspects within an organization.

The Consultant pushes us to think more strategically about organizational processes and procedures. Through our exploration we are able to identify potential areas for improvement as well recognizing some key elements needed for successful change management. We learn that while it takes hard work in order to successfully implement a new strategy or idea; it also requires cooperation between those who hold power in an organization as well as those who do not have as much say or influence. The importance placed on resource allocation is also highlighted throughout showing us how vital this process is when striving for success in any major endeavor or goal setting process.

Reception & Impact

The release and reception of The Consultant was generally positive among both critics and audiences. Critics praised the film for its tightly-packed structure and clever dialogue, while audiences appreciated the entertaining and suspenseful storyline.

The Consultant attracted an audience largely comprised of older viewers, as younger viewers were drawn in by the star power of Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper. This helped make The Consultant a box office success in its opening weekend.

The impact of The Consultant extended beyond the movie industry. It paved the way for more socially conscious films that focused on ambitious stories rather than mere entertainment value. Films like Moneyball followed in its footsteps, showing that there was an untapped market of older viewers who were interested in philosophical themes and complex characters. Moreover, The Consultant demonstrated that it was possible to create a successful movie without relying on big budget special effects and lavish production design.

Legacy & Cultural Significance

The Consultant is a movie that examines the impact of social conservatism on women’s rights, particularly in India. It tells the story of three women – Mita, Yasmin and Kindly – who are struggling against traditional societal gender norms to define their place in their societies. With courage and determination, Mita and Yasmin eventually come together with Kindly to propel a revolution of sorts that not only changes how people look at them, but also how they look at themselves.

The message of The Consultant transcends gender roles and speaks broadly about social change. The movie portrays how difficult it is for individuals to overcome certain pre-conceived notions and ideas that have been ingrained in society for generations. It highlights the both the strength and fragility of these values as Mita, Yasmin and Kindly navigate the complexities of their lives while trying to make progress in an increasingly hostile world.

Overall, The Consultant offers valuable insight into how traditions can both sustain communities and threaten real progress toward equality in all its forms. Its legacy is built not just upon its important questions around gender roles but also on its inspiring portrayal of resilience as characters strive to make positive changes regardless of archaic social mores or expectations.


Taking everything into account, “The Consultant” undoubtedly provides a valuable glimpse into the inner workings of organizational consulting and how it can impact business processes. The movie offers an interesting commentary on outsourcing in the current business climate and speaks to the power of effective consultancy and its ability to shift organizational norms. In the end, “The Consultant” succeeds in doing more than most movies—it offers viewers a thought-provoking look at the world of consulting, while also serving up some good laughs along the way.