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NTT Data Consulting‘s approach to data management allows businesses to take advantage of the ever-evolving data landscape. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies such as AI and analytics, NTT Data Consulting can help businesses make decisions quickly and accurately, analyze customer behavior, and optimize operations.

This article will provide an overview of NTT Data Consulting’s offerings and how they can help businesses make the most of their data.

Overview of NTT Data Consulting

NTT Data Consulting is a division of NTT Data, Japan’s largest and most respected information technology services provider. With its global headquarters in Tokyo, NTT Data Consulting provides extensive consulting services to organizations seeking to improve their data management strategies.

From concept to conversion, we work with companies at every stage of the data transformation journey. Our experienced consultants have extensive industry knowledge and world-class capabilities such as data analysis, architecture design and solution configuration.

At NTT Data Consulting, we strive to bring innovative ideas that accelerate digital transformation by combining cutting-edge technologies with deep domain knowledge to deliver value for our customers. We are committed to creating solutions that are tailored to client needs and yield scalable and sustainable results for their businesses.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Model Design &Migration
  • Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Big Data Strategy & Execution
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We also provide insights from our own dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and DevOps that are held to the highest standards of quality assurance. With our Centers of Excellence driving innovation while utilizing our world-class delivery infrastructure, we ensure exceptional customer satisfaction while delivering cost savings across the board.

Benefits of NTT Data Consulting

NTT Data Consulting offers a suite of services that help organizations stay ahead of the latest trends in data management. The team provides guidance and expertise from a range of skilled professionals, enabling organizations to maximize their data-related efforts and realize the full potential of their data.

With NTT Data Consulting, businesses can benefit from an array of advantages, including:

  • Data storage optimization: NTT Data Consulting delivers efficient and cost effective solutions for companies looking to manage their data in a secure manner. Through the strategic use of cloud infrastructure, companies can realize maximum scalability and performance at an optimal level.
  • Data utilization strategies: NTT Data Consulting helps organizations utilize their data resources more effectively by offering tailored consulting services based on current industry trends. This service helps businesses extract maximum value out of existing datasets while pre-planning for future growth.
  • Advanced analytics: NTT Data Consulting provides sophisticated analytics solutions from predictive modelling and machine learning algorithms to uncover untapped insights from large datasets that can be used for strategic decision making.
  • Smart automation: From process improvement and robotic free process automation (RPA) to intelligent automation technologies such as intelligent workflow engines, AI chatbots and virtual assistant solutions, NTT’s team remains on the cutting edge when it comes to delivering exceptional value through automated systems.

With these benefits in mind, it is no wonder why more companies are turning towards NTT Data Consulting as an ally in their effort to strategically leverage their data assets for maximum gain.

Data Management Solutions

Data management solutions are becoming increasingly important for companies today. NTT Data Consulting is a leading provider of data management solutions that help businesses optimize their data. This article will look into what NTT Data Consulting can offer, and how their data management solutions can help businesses achieve their goals for the future.

Data Modeling

Data Modeling is an essential component of effective data management. It provides the foundation for organizing, analyzing and understanding data within a database. NTT Data Consulting can help you identify the model that best meets your business needs.

Data Modeling involves assigning attributes to each unit of information introduced into a database so it can later be retrieved with precision. The attributes include entities (e.g., customers, products), relationships (e.g., between customer orders and products), rules governing individual values (e.g., numeric limits), and characteristics that apply only to certain datasets (e.g., customer types). These combined features will form the structure for managing future data more effectively; whether it’s automatically processed by software programs or manually interpreted from web page forms.

There are four main types of modeling used today; Logical Models, Physical Models, Conceptual Models and Advanced Architectures such as NoSQL based models or Big Data models such as Hadoop databases. Each type has different advantages among other requirements you may have such as scalability, flexibility or support for real-time analysis. A hybrid approach combining several is often approved in order to get maximum value out of your final system design given specific organizational needs and technological limitations involved in each project situation NTT Data Consulting can provide guidance to finding the right combination of options available today benefiting you and your organization’s goals going forward into the future when it comes to data management solutions related services we offer you at NTT Data Consulting!

Data Integration

Data integration is a process for combining data from multiple sources into a single, unified view of an organization’s data assets. This enables the exploration and analysis of previously disconnected data to gain deeper insights, drive smarter decisions, and improve overall business performance. A comprehensive data integration solution can provide the ability to perform complex transformations, rapidly access and extract large-volume datasets from disparate sources, blend different types of analyses such as descriptive statistics and predictive modeling, store the integrated dataset into multiple formats or stores for advantageous sharing in a distributed manner; as well as efficiently manage master data assets via customer or product profiles.

NTT Data Consulting’s experienced team provides trusted solutions for successful implementations of modern big-data systems. The team can help create an optimal architecture based on business use cases through design planning and forecasting; address system performance issues due to mixed workloads caused by workload management services with specialized configurations; provide structural solutions between heterogeneous systems through ETL (Extract Transform Load) processes; guarantee reliable integrations via the implementation of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces); ensure secure connections among remote databases with protected connections through VPN clients; ensure communication correctness with distributed messaging protocols such as Apache Kafka.

Data Quality Management

Data quality management is a critical step to ensure that any data-driven decision you make will be as accurate and reliable as possible. Good data quality will help all stakeholders gain better insights into their operations and processes, while poor data quality can lead to costly errors and missed opportunities.

NTT Data Consulting offers industry leading solutions to managing data quality throughout the entire value chain of a business, reducing errors, providing clear visibility into any issues or risks and ensuring that critical decisions are based on high-quality data.

NTT Data Consulting’s integrated solutions enable businesses to take an end-to-end approach to control the quality of their structured and unstructured data assets. These best-in-class solutions for monitoring, improving and maintaining data quality are tailored for each customer’s specific requirements. From profiling new sources of incoming data, cleansing existing datasets and providing real-time analytics that alert users of future potential issues – NTT Data Consulting delivers powerful tools for holistic management of a company’s critical information assets.

We provide deep expertise in Master Data Management (MDM) solutions to help businesses analyze customer relations more effectively while simultaneously conforming it’s structured information with other relevant sources (such as ERP systems). Our MDM experts have extensive knowledge in driving efficient outcomes through proper data governance – ensuring that your valuable time is spent on making vital decisions rather than troubleshooting midly inaccurate datasets.

In additon to our MDM offering, we provide expert advice on Governance Strategy Implementation – giving customers an efficient method of controlling access rights across all areas of their organization while maintaining robust security over important core enterprise systems like Salesforce or SAP. Finally, our Data Quality Platform allows you to track progress from anywhere at any time so you can effortlessly satisfy compliance requirements for outcoming datasets such as those for GDPR or HIPPA regulations; reducing risk exposure quickly when resposne times matter most.

With leading solutions in both technical implementation and strategy guidance, NTT Data Consulting ensures companies receive the highest return on investment by leveraging complex enterprise contracts into sweeping cost optimization models through streamlined automated deliveries and secure integration services with minimal manual input required by staff members.

Cloud Solutions

With NTT Data Consulting, you can easily create a cloud-based infrastructure that hosts your data and applications. Leverage a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions that enable you to quickly deploy, monitor, and manage your data. From highly available data storage and application services to fully managed cloud environments, our cloud solutions are tailored for your business needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the cloud solutions that NTT Data Consulting offers:

Cloud Migration

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to optimize their IT infrastructure and streamline their operations. Cloud migration entails migrating an existing on-premises system or data center to a cloud environment. The process of transitioning an organization’s computational resources, applications, and data can help reduce costs and enable greater innovation.

Cloud migration should be done with a strategy in mind and with expert help from experienced specialists who understand the nuances of this process. NTT DATA has experts that specialize in identifying successful cloud strategies, performing cloud migrations, and facilitating post-migration operational excellence.

We recommend outlining a detailed plan for your cloud migration before embarking on this journey. This plan should include an assessment of where you stand today, your objectives for the migration project, as well as considerations around platform selection and implementation timeframe.

NTT DATA offers a comprehensive suite of services that can help organizations strategically move workloads to the cloud, including planning for the evolution of their IT landscape based on both current and future business needs. We can also seamlessly migrate entire workloads with minimal disruption or downtime; provide improved performance due to reduced latency; enable scalability; improve security; enable automation capabilities; provide proactive monitoring; simplify management processes; enhance collaboration among teams; enable optimized storage solutions; optimize cost structures better suited for changing conditions within the competitive market landscape, as well as much more.

Are you exploring moving your IT infrastructure or applications to the cloud? Contact us today for more information about how our suite of services can equip your organization for success on its cloud journey.

Cloud Security

Data security is the priority for businesses who decide to move their data management to the cloud. Fortunately, cloud-based security solutions are now more robust than ever. But with the vast array of options, organizations must take a strategic approach when selecting a cloud solution that meets their security requirements.

When evaluating different cloud solutions, you should consider whether each one offers:

  • Encryption protocols
  • Antivirus or malware detection software
  • Password protection policies
  • Two-factor authentication measures

You will also want to look at the various levels of access that each user can have within your system, as well as any specific security requirements your business may need (such as anti-tampering measures or access control protocols).

Ultimately, your company’s success depends on peace of mind through secure data management. With so many different levels of access and features available in cloud solutions today, it’s crucial to select one that fits your business needs to give you strong protection against malicious threats.

Cloud Analytics

Cloud analytics is a form of data analytics that leverages cloud computing solutions to store and analyze huge volumes of data. This data can come in the form of structured or unstructured data, and it can contain a variety of different types of information such as sales and marketing statistics, customer behavior, demographics, financials, or even real-time analytics. By using cloud computing solutions, organizations can quickly identify patterns in their data and use those patterns to drive better business decisions.

Cloud analytics solutions typically include modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data processing frameworks, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions from major vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Cloud analytics also enables distributed computing models so that businesses can scale their analytical workloads to manage large volumes of incoming data without needing to invest in expensive hardware infrastructure.

With cloud analytics solutions, businesses have access to up-to-date information regardless of size or location and are able to cost effectively build more intelligent applications that enable enhanced decision making processes. From predictive insights into customer behavior segmentation algorithms and more accurate forecasting tools, businesses are unlocking new value from the power of core cloud services through cutting edge AI and ML capabilities.

This makes it possible for organizations to process raw customer experience data for example or explore previously untapped areas – such as natural language processing or deep learning – all without needing to purchase expensive software licenses or purchase additional infrastructure.. With lower operating costs due to automation a reality through cloud analytic solutions businesses are able realize greater ROI when leveraging this type of technology across their operations.

Advanced Technologies

NTT Data Consulting is a leader in the data management industry and has recently been investing heavily in advanced technologies. This has enabled them to develop even more efficient methods for collecting and organizing data.

In this article, we will explore the different technologies that NTT Data Consulting is leveraging to ensure the success of their clients. We’ll also consider the potential implications these advanced technologies have on the future of data management.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and react like humans. AI is used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, analytics, robotics, software engineering and more.

Businesses are increasingly incorporating machine learning and AI solutions into their data management processes to quickly gather insights from large volumes of data. Machine learning is the process by which algorithms learn from data without explicit programming. It uses predictive models that detect patterns in order to understand historical information rapidly, forming predictions against which decisions can be made.

NTT Data Consulting assists businesses in designing AI-powered architecture for managing their data more effectively, allowing them access to greater insight and optimal decision-making opportunities. Our broad range of solutions leverages advanced machine learning technologies such as:

  • Supervised learning (classification or regression)
  • Unsupervised learning (clustering)
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Deep learning
  • Cognitive APIs
  • Computer vision
  • Automated planning & scheduling (rule based reasoning)
  • GPT-3
  • Conversational platforms such as chatbots, virtual assistants & speech recognition systems

We offer a comprehensive suite of services – from business needs assessment through system design – so that you can be confident your organization’s data management system is leveraging the power of AI capabilities always at its best level possible.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that uses algorithms and statistical models to automate the process of training software systems for decision-making purposes. ML is used to identify patterns and associations among large sets of data, apply them intelligently, and then use the insights gained for predictive analysis.

This type of data management is becoming increasingly important in today’s forward-thinking businesses as it helps to drive smarter decision-making and operational efficiency.

At NTT DATA Consulting, our experts work with clients to develop custom ML models that accurately identify relationships within complex systems. We strive to help clients make better decisions faster by creating more accurate predictive analytics, delivering precise customer segmentation models, and automating processes such as natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, autonomous vehicle control systems, customer service chatbots, sentiment analysis applications and more. Our consultants can help you put the power of AI in your hands!

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the growing network of devices around us that are connected to the internet and equipped with sensors, processors, memory and other capabilities. With IoT, we can now gain invaluable insights from previously untapped sources of data and make use of this data in new ways. By harnessing the power of the internet, NTT Data Consulting is helping its clients to transform their businesses through better integrated systems and more efficient operations.

NTT Data Consulting’s advanced technologies can allow clients to leverage IoT as a tool to access previously untapped sources of data. With connected devices such as wearables, smart home appliances and even industrial machinery being used increasingly in business operations, organizations need to be able to collect, analyze and act on these vast amounts of data in order to stay competitive. NTT Data Consulting’s integration services allow customers to navigate these stages easily by providing powerful tools for:

  • Gathering data from various sources
  • Transforming it into actionable insights
  • Automating tasks or processes
  • Connecting device networks
  • Enabling strategical decisions through visualization tools

Plus with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities built into the platform you can continuously improve your understanding of changes in data over time to generate wiser decision making outputs.

As machine learning continues its march into businesses everywhere it’s important for companies have advanced technologies that help them understand what the advancing digital age means for them. With NTT Data Consulting’s solutions those insights are only an IoT platform away.


NTT Data Consulting provides essential services and solutions to help companies harness the power of their data. With the growing demand for data-driven insights, NTT Data Consulting has a promising future in the global marketplace.

In this closing section, we will summarise the key services and technologies offered by NTT Data Consulting and discuss their potential implications for businesses in the future:

Summary of NTT Data Consulting Services

NTT Data Consulting provides a wide range of services to help companies quickly unlock the real value of data analytics. From machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to predictive analytics, they employ disruptive technologies to help organizations manage their data in more unique and efficient ways. With their suite of digital experience solutions, NTT Data Consulting helps businesses enhance their operations, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and gain insight into their analytics for greater competitive advantage.

NTT Data Consulting offers a variety of services including:

  • Statistical Analysis: Predictive modeling, hypothesis testing and advanced statistic analysis as well as multi-variant analysis.
  • Visualization: Visualize results with powerful interactive dashboards and charts for quick decision making.
  • Machine Learning Solutions: Customize algorithms for prediction accuracy or pattern discovery enabling automated insights from complex data.
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions: Design and develop AI solutions focused on customer experience optimization powered by natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and chatbots systems.
  • Cloud Analytics Solutions: Automatically ingest massive amounts of structured and unstructured data while maintaining security with NTT’s cloud platform services.
  • Predictive Analytics Services: Identify key trends before they have an impact on the market while identifying early warning signals when they do emerge.

The Future of Data Management

Data management is an increasingly important aspect of business. Companies are leveraging data for greater insights and making decisions that drive business success. There is tremendous potential in the area of data management, and many organizations are now looking to harness this capability to maximize opportunities.

NTT Data Consulting can provide the necessary tools and expertise to help businesses succeed in the ever-changing landscape of data management. We employ a team of experienced professionals who specialize in strategic thinking, integrating technologies, and developing plans to meet specific customer requirements. With our deep understanding of customer needs and industry trends, we can deliver innovative solutions that drive value across a customer’s organization.

We understand that data management requires more than just technology; it requires careful analysis and informed decision-making. Our team provides advisory services to help customers develop strategies that maximize potential from their data assets while minimizing risks. We work with customers to build effective processes for managing their data assets, ensuring compliance with regulations and maximizing opportunities for operational efficiency.

By leveraging our complete suite of services for predictive analytics, data mining, customer experience optimization, enterprise information management and more, NTT Data Consulting can lead your business into the future of data management—innovating an ecosystem optimized for success in an ever-changing landscape.