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Accenture, is a global professional services company, providing a range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Industry experts from Accenture bring years of domain experience to share best practices and insights on emerging trends in various sectors across the globe.

In this series of articles, our experts weigh in on the challenges faced by industries today – from bridging digital divides to adapting to ever-growing customer expectations – and provide relevant ideas for success.

Learn how leading industry professionals are addressing these issues and how they can help businesses navigate this rapidly changing environment. Our experts will cover topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital transformation, innovation, customer experience (CX), customer journey mapping, customer marketing strategy and more.

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry insights from Accenture’s internal thought leaders and get inspired to drive change in your organization.

Industry Overview

Industry experts at Accenture offer vital insights into the complex forces driving change and transformation across industries. With a deep focus on changing customer behaviors, trends in technology and regulations, as well as insights into digital transformation and resiliency, Accenture can provide clients with tailored guidance on how to best navigate their respective markets.

As businesses confront new challenges, such as the speed of digital disruption, shifting global policies and increased economic uncertainty, it is essential for organizations to develop informed approaches to staying competitive in dynamic markets. Accenture’s industry experts have identified five core areas of attention for organizations looking to succeed:

  1. Customer Trends: Identifying customer needs and wants and adapting offerings accordingly
  2. Regulatory Evolution: Understanding the implications of global shifts in policy
  3. Technology Priorities: Making informed decisions on investments in technology needed to support growth
  4. Digital Transformation: Leveraging digital capabilities that enhance effectiveness and efficiency
  5. Resiliency & Agility: Adapting quickly to continuously evolving challenges across all areas.

Accenture’s industry experts provide a range of services designed to position clients for continued success amidst an ever-changing landscape. Highlights include immersive analytics that help executives gather deep insights into their customers’ behavior and how they are responding to trends; predictive data models that inform strategic decisions around resource allocation; automation solutions that streamline operations from end-to-end; content delivery systems that promote agility ; and more.

Accenture’s Role in the Industry

Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services in strategy and consulting, digital, technology, and operations. For more than 50 years, Accenture has served as an innovator and thought leader within the fields it serves, helping to shape today’s landscape of business.

Accenture’s involvement within the industry is vast – from helping clients integrate new technologies into their processes, to developing strategies for improving operational efficiency – Accenture has the right tools to meet any challenge. The company also offers unparalleled insights into futuristic trends and emerging opportunities so that customers can stay ahead of the curve.

In addition to delivering advice and solutions that help create value for its clients, Accenture also drives progress through partnerships with industry groups like the World Economic Forum, Special Olympics International Technology Advisory Council, Advanced Mobility Forum and many others. Furthermore, Accenture continues to invest heavily in cutting-edge research so that its customers always benefit from the latest trends in the market.

Aiding customers across 25 different industries worldwide, such as health care, transportation & logistics monetization media & entertainment , energy , telecommunications , education , retail and public service & government opportunities are vast for business who take advantage of Accenture’s resources and solutions. Combining deep industry knowledge with technical expertise across disparate products and solutions results in an optimized solution for organizations of all sizes.

Accenture’s Expert Insights

Accenture’s team of industry experts provide thought leadership and data-driven insights to business and technology leaders. Our Accenture Industry Insights series examines issues across sectors, providing in-depth analyses of the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing organizations today.

From predictive analytics to IoT to cybersecurity, Accenture has a breadth of experience and expertise that enables us to provide an informed view on how leading companies are embracing new technologies and how enterprises can create value by leveraging disruption. We strive to bring you successful implementations, clear steps for implementation, risk management best practices, innovative solutions and compelling case studies that help you drive business innovation.

As part of this series, Accenture’s experts weigh in on the latest industry trends with blog posts offering valuable insight on growing opportunities, development strategies and more. The expert-crafted content should be seen as a starting point for further discussions, as well as an exploration into how we all are playing role in the revolutionizing different industries across sectors.

Benefits of Leveraging Industry Expertise

Leveraging industry expertise can help organizations stay at the forefront of their industry and gain a competitive advantage. By tapping into the insights of experienced industry professionals, companies can access valuable information that can be used to enhance their operations, generate new ideas and maximize performance.

Here are just a few of the benefits that organizations can see when they leverage industry expertise:

  1. Improved Decision-Making: Leveraging the experience of experts in a particular field or sector can provide vital data and inputs for decision-making. By conducting market research, scrutinizing trends and leveraging established experience, companies can make more informed decisions for their future strategies and plans.
  2. Keeping Ahead Of Industry Trends: Industry experts keep up to date with the changing landscapes in different sectors which enables them to give objective assessments for an organization’s future plans and goals. By consulting with professionals in various industries, companies gain access to valuable insights from an outside perspective that can enrich their current operations as well as aid in forecasting upcoming trends and potential threats.
  3. Enhanced Quality Control: Expertise from outside sources are often utilized to improve on existing quality processes by introducing enhanced methodologies to maximize performance efficiency. Leveraging external industry experts also ensures cognizance of best practices applicable across different markets – allowing organizations to benefit from tested philosophies within specific industries when making decisions about efficient strategies or implementation methods.

Organizations that take advantage of expert advice will be able to build teams with superior abilities while improving upon existing routines – resulting in increased profits through higher efficiency gains and optimized workflows. With skills ranging from marketing intelligence gathering, planning, process optimization through innovation driving – companies are able to garner insights invaluable for thematic decision-making from industry veterans without having to rely on internal resources such as staff time or training costs usually associated with such activities – enabling them ultimately an edge over competitors who do not have access to such resources!

Challenges Faced in the Industry

The challenges facing industry professionals in the digital economy are vast and varied. As different sectors, technology and infrastructure continue to rapidly evolve, so too do the issues that accompany them. Accenture Industry Experts weigh in to provide insight on how the industry can best identify and address the key challenges it faces today.

From manufacturing and retail to healthcare and finance, each sector brings its own unique challenges that can inhibit growth and innovation. Unlocking digital potential is paramount for staying ahead of the competition, but this means having an understanding of current trends, platforms, development and management tools. Furthermore, activities such as data security must be both rigorous and secure to ensure customer trust.

Globalization is also a growing concern for many businesses as they increasingly rely on international markets for talent acquisition and procurement of materials. With global supply chains increasing in complexity, organizations need to understand their local market strategies alongside global operations – all while keeping up with constantly changing regulations for both foreign and domestic markets.

Finally, the competitive landscape has grown exponentially due to accelerating technology adoption across industries further complicating any competitive analysis—making it often difficult to differentiate products or services on a global basis or build sustainable relationships with customers by leveraging contextual data forecasts. Companies must strive to stay informed of current trends while also exploring new opportunities online—from continuous product/service experimentation around user interface designs right through to streaming selected services or offering additional subscription packages to existing customers in order to create long-lasting relationships built on loyalty and trust – it’s all up for grabs!

Strategies for Overcoming Challenges

The national conversation about the challenges small businesses are currently facing has been gaining momentum—from financing and cash-flow concerns to navigating new regulations and maturing customer needs. As a result, a great deal of research has taken place to identify these challenges and develop strategies for overcoming them.

At Accenture, our industry experts have weighed in on these challenges and, more importantly, on best practices and strategies for coming out stronger on the other side. Here are some of their thoughts on how organizations can find success while managing through this unprecedented situation:

  1. Utilize digital offerings: A priority must be placed on developing digital capabilities that facilitate online ordering or remote customer engagement. Technologies such as AI chatbots, cloud-based phone systems, billing automation software can help ensure operations remain smooth and your organization remains nimble during this time of uncertainty.
  2. Adapt marketing strategy: It’s essential to continue engaging customers through multiple channels with up-to-date information about your products or services—whether it’s an email newsletter or social media updates about daily specials or events hosted virtually. Find ways to deepen relationships with existing customers while exploring new audiences for potential growth opportunities in untapped markets.
  3. Prioritize customer experience: Now is the time to implement an integrated customer experience platform that offers personalization features as well as secure payment processing options like integrated ecommerce tools or mobile transactions—all of which can create a more seamless shopping experience for customers visiting your website or store location.
  4. Focus on data security: Cybersecurity remains paramount in today’s digital landscape, especially since 43 percent of businesses suffer cyberattacks yearly according to recent analysis by Accenture Security analysts – therefore now is the time to explore security solutions like identity management solutions that can help protect sensitive data from unauthorized use or access while ensuring its availability when needed most by specific personnel only.


The insights from the conversation with Accenture’s industry experts have highlighted the profound shift in customer preferences and expectations. Future-proofing requires innovative solutions and the ability to anticipate and respond proactively to emerging trends.

Companies must maintain agility, scalability, security, and trustworthiness, while maintaining alignment between their business objectives and operations. It is also necessary to successfully partner with other external organizations that can bring value to the organization. To succeed in an increasingly competitive market environment, companies must maintain a balance of strategy, technology and people in order to drive organizational transformation.