What is the Annual Income for an EY Strategy and Consulting Professional


Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to become a top-notch strategy and consulting professional? Well, the financial rewards aren’t the only thing you need to consider. But if money is your main motivation, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the annual income of an EY Strategy and Consulting Professional and uncover just how much they can earn. So buckle up and get ready for a journey!


As a leading global professional services firm, EY provides services in assurance, tax, consulting and strategy. With offices across the globe, EY Strategy and Consulting professionals come from various backgrounds and disciplines to work with clients on addressing critical issues. Such professionals are offered competitive salaries ranging from entry-level roles to more experienced positions.

In addition to a competitive base salary, they will receive an annual performance bonus based on their performance over the year. The bonus is usually paid at the company’s discretion based on individual performance in relation to corporate goals. As such, some of the factors that may be considered when determining bonus eligibility include:

  • Client feedback and reviews
  • Team-work and individual contributions
  • Job tenure

Overall annual earnings for an EY Strategy and Consulting Professional will vary depending on the position held within the organization and additional incentives or bonuses received in that particular year.

Overview of EY Strategy and Consulting Professionals

EY Strategy and Consulting professionals at the firm are experts in advising and assisting companies to achieve their business goals. They provide advice on corporate strategy, organization design and structure, operations optimization, governance best practices, process improvement and performance management services.

EY Strategy and Consulting Professionals have different levels based on experience and job functions, with the salary range increasing with each level. Generally speaking the salaries fall into five general pay scale buckets ranging from Entry Level Analyst to Director level roles.

  • Entry-level Analyst (or Consultant I) an individual typically earns a base salary of $69K to $79K in addition to project bonuses depending on their performance.
  • Regular performance-based promotions increase salary ranges to $91K-$114K at an intermediate Analyst (or Consultant II) level while Senior Analysts (or Managers I) earn approximately $120K-$145K.
  • Directors earn an average of $180K-$250K while Senior Directors may be compensated up to approximately $400k annually.

Factors that Impact Annual Income

The annual income for a strategy and consulting professional at Ernst & Young (EY) depends on a variety of factors, such as location, experience, education and job performance. Generally, salaries for strategy and consulting professionals vary from market to market. For example, a senior-level consultant may make more in Los Angeles than in Boston or New York.

Additionally, experience is an important factor impacting the salary of such professionals. Managers with 12 or more years of experience tend to have higher salaries than those with fewer years of experience. Education is also taken into consideration when discussing wages; consultants with advanced degrees often earn more than those with less education.

Finally, job performance plays a major role in determining the salary one can expect to receive as a strategy and consulting professional at EY. Professionals that have outstanding performance records tend to receive larger salaries than their colleagues who excel in certain areas or possess certain skills but do not perform at an equivalent level overall.

Average Salaries of EY Strategy and Consulting Professionals

An Entry Level Stranger at Ernst & Young’s Strategy and Consulting Division typically earns between $61,000 and $91,000 annually. With experience and a deeper knowledge within the firm, salary may increase with job title; for example, Senior Managers may earn up to $180,000 or more per year.

In addition to base salaries for different roles within EY’s Strategy & Consulting division, bonuses are also common. According to Glassdoor survey records from 2018-2019, the typical bonus structure at EY was 6% of total compensation for executive roles such as consultant or manager positions and 11% of total compensation for senior positions such as Senior Manager or Director.

The size of bonus payouts can vary depending on performance; however, bonuses are generally standardized based on tenure and role within Ernst & Young. In addition to performance payouts tied to annual bonuses, EY offers additional rewards like stock ownership plans or non-cash “role recognition awards” performed with various criteria as determined by the organization.

Overall, salaries and bonuses can vary significantly depending on years of experience and skillsets in specific industry domains; factors such as company size and type can also be determinants in the salary range you may expect receive. It is important to note that these figures serve only as a benchmark; because each business is unique they should only be used as starting points in determining potential wages one may make in a similar role at Ernst & Young’s Strategy and Consulting division.

Benefits of Being an EY Strategy and Consulting Professional

Being an EY Strategy and Consulting Professional provides a range of benefits to those considering a career in the sector. Those who are successful in obtaining work with EY can be rewarded with excellent financial remuneration. Annual income for an EY Strategy and Consulting Professional will typically start at around $90,000, rising to in excess of $180,000 for experienced individuals with relevant qualifications, expertise and relevant technical experience.

Income is not just limited to salary payments; bonuses, benefits and incentives are also available for high achieving professionals. The more challenging the assignment, the higher the fee might be paid. Some assignments may require an international presence due to duration or location – this can result in payment of subsistence expenses or location allowances on top of salary remuneration. It should also be noted that many international assignments may have tax implications – this guidance would typically come from an external advisors such as a financial accountant specializing in expatriate tax services.

Alongside financial rewards there are many professional reasons why individuals might choose to pursue work as an EY Strategy and Consulting Professional including:

  • Developing professional networks;
  • Physical challenges;
  • Broadening horizons;
  • Engaging on interesting projects;
  • Acquiring new skills and knowledge through ongoing training programmes;
  • Working on diverse contracts within client organisations;
  • Creating a portfolio career by pursuing multiple project roles simultaneously.

Career Development Opportunities for EY Strategy and Consulting Professionals

EY Strategy and Consulting professionals are essential to the success of any organization’s strategic direction. They have the expertise, experience and knowledge to deliver solutions that will help organizations achieve their desired results. This can involve working on short-term or long-term projects, supporting the strategic leadership of a company through its transformation journey, or helping clients improve their operational performance.

By joining EY Strategy and Consulting, professionals have access to an extensive suite of career development opportunities. These include professional certification programs such as Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designations and Project Management Professional (PMP) credentials, as well as specialized courses offered by EY online learning platform that provide an immersive digital learning experience enabling them to stay ahead of the curve in current consulting trends and best practices.

In addition to training and certifications, EY Strategy and Consulting professionals can look forward to competitive salaries with rewarding benefits packages. According to Glassdoor, experienced EY strategy & consulting analysts report earning an average annual salary of almost $89K while senior consultants earn an average annual salary of almost $145K. At the highest level of expertise – executive director positions – salaries can reach well into six-figures with bonus potential in some cases. Joining EY Strategy & Consulting provides ambitious professionals with excellent opportunities for career advancement and financial rewards commensurate with their capabilities, skill sets and work performance.

Strategies for Maximizing Annual Income

As an EY strategy and consulting professional, your annual income potential can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as the size and type of firm, desired specialization or field of expertise and other qualifications. By refining your skillset and experience level, however, you can increase your annual income opportunities. Here are some tips to maximize your earnings:

  1. Achieve and maintain certifications: Strategically acquiring certifications tailor-made to your area of focus will put you in a better position for a raise or higher salary when interviewing for new positions.
  2. Branch out: Building multifaceted skillsets increase employability and ultimately the potential for higher incomes as you take on additional responsibilities and/or leverage experience in multiple areas within the firm or industry.
  3. Networking: Take advantage of individual relationships with team members, stakeholders, contacts and client personnel; this type of collaboration often yields higher compensation levels if a project is completed ahead of time or beyond expectations.
  4. Choose wisely: As consulting positions become available, evaluate carefully which options offer more advantageous potentials given current market conditions such as bonus structures, extra benefits packages etc., which might further enhance fees negotiated in the longer-term agreement with a particular clientele base acquired through networking efforts over time.
  5. Negotiate Earnings Potential: During interviews make sure to discuss openly contractual terms such as salaries that are applicable as well as annuities guaranteed over agreed periods so that all parties know what to expect in ensuing fiscal years which may add greater value overtime not realized at first glance yet being audited regularly thereafter for individual performance appraisal purposes down the line once acclimated into the organization or entity in question.


In conclusion, the annual income for an EY Strategy and Consulting professional may vary depending on experience level, geographic location, and function within the organization. Average base salary for professionals range from $75K – $200K per year. Salaries may be supplemented by numerous factors such as commission bonuses, project bonuses, referral bonuses, performance bonuses, leadership positions and stock offerings. Overall, it is estimated that experienced professionals in this field can bring in an average of more than $150K a year.