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KPMG Consulting is global professional services firm, providing audit, tax, and business services in 156 countries. Its global organization consists of three pillars – Audit, Tax, and Advisory. At KPMG Consulting, they bring experienced professionals to work with clients in all sectors of the economy from start-up and small enterprises to government organizations and the world’s largest organizations.

KPMG Consulting’s top-tier professionals are often recognized for their achievements across their fields. Our team has compiled a list of The Top 10 Partners at KPMG Consulting for 2021 that you should be aware of when working with the firm. Each partner has been recognized for their impressive accomplishments as well as their commitment to corporate responsibility work such as sustainability initiatives and social impact programs. From industry leaders in Risk Advisory to Tax professionals, this list unveils some of the top minds at KPMG Consulting who could help your organization reach its full potential.

KPMG Consulting Overview

KPMG Consulting is a leading global consulting firm that specializes in providing customized solutions to their clients. They have offices in over 150 countries and employ over 33,000 professionals. They have won multiple awards for their top-notch consulting services, and their partners are some of the most respected names in the business.

Let’s learn more about KPMG Consulting and the top 10 partners in the firm:


KPMG Consulting has its roots in the early 1900s with a core mission to help make organizations and move the industry forward. Today, KPMG Consulting is one of the largest global consulting firms in the world.

Their team is made up of over 4,000+ professionals focused on driving value for our clients through an integrated service offering across assurance, tax, technology, operations and finance. With shared experience in over 150 countries, KPMG Consulting leverages global best practices to bring tailored solutions to its clients globally.

KPMG Consulting has grown to become a leading professional services firm in providing comprehensive, quality services for financial and business operations. Our wide range of services within consulting includes industry-specific expertise like:

  • Strategy & Operations
  • Risk Management & Technology
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Risk Assessment
  • IT System Selection & Implementation
  • Market Research
  • Financial Modeling & Analysis

KPMG Consulting understands that advice is not just process driven but also informed by an intimate knowledge of individual context and unique operating environments which is what allows them to provide custom tailored solutions that innovate client strategies better than most service providers can offer. Furthermore, as part of their integrity value proposition as a firm they believe in going above and beyond traditional services to truly meet every need required by their customers both now and in their future endeavors.


KPMG Consulting is one of the leading global management consulting firms, with a reputation for providing excellence in strategy and operations. The company has more than 8,000 professionals in over 60 countries across four core services:

  • Advisory Services – KPMG’s Advisory services offer comprehensive management consulting, encompassing strategy development, financial management and corporate governance.
  • Business Transformation – Utilizing their deep sector expertise and the latest digital technologies, KPMG help clients transform their business operations to achieve greater efficiency and better performance.
  • Risk & Compliance – As part of their suite of risk management services and solutions, KPMG can help clients develop a robust compliance program to mitigate risks while still enabling business success.
  • Enterprise Solutions – Leveraging their extensive experience in industry tools and technology optimization, they assist businesses in optimizing IT infrastructure while managing costs effectively using innovative enterprise solutions.

Top 10 KPMG Consulting Partners

KPMG is one of the world’s top consulting firms, with a wide range of services and a global presence. They offer an impressive list of partners, all of whom are highly experienced and respected in the industry. These are the ten most prominent KPMG Consulting partners, each with their own areas of expertise and experience. Let’s look at each one in more detail.

David Lowes

David Lowes has been at KPMG for over 25 years and is an integral part of the firm’s top-level leadership. He is a Partner in the Advisory practice, with expertise in global private sector consulting.

David holds key relationships with some of the biggest names in private industry and has played an instrumental role in building the Advisory practice. He is also a Member of KPMG International’s Global Executive Leadership Team, providing strategic direction for KPMG’s global management consulting businesses.

David leads a team that works with clients to deliver unique consulting solutions that transform organizations, operations, strategies and technologies to drive superior results. He is recognized globally as one of KPMG’s foremost corporate advisors. Projects overseen by David span across many industries including banking, automotive, healthcare and technology sectors.

Prior to joining KPMG Advisory practice, David held senior roles within the IT Consulting and Business Performance Improvement practices at AT&T and Price Waterhouse Coopers respectively. His education credentials include leading business qualifications from renowned institutions such as MIT Sloan School of Management and INSEAD –Fontainebleau in France.

Paul Meehan

Paul Meehan is KPMG’s Global Head of Consulting. He is a veteran of the industry and is one of the top 10 partners for KPMG’s consulting practice globally. His leadership and expertise have driven the growth of KPMG’s consulting practice, making it the world-class organization that it is today.

Under his stewardship, KPMG has become an industry leader in a number of areas, such as digital transformation and analytics. His vast knowledge and experience enable him to provide cutting-edge insights to projects as well as helping clients to build resilient operations that can tolerate disruption in an ever-changing business landscape.

Paul’s vast network has been key to helping drive innovation at KPMG and providing clients with groundbreaking solutions to meet their goals and objectives in consulting engagements. He is recognized on a global level as both a subject matter expert and thought leader in advisory services such as:

  • Project management
  • Risk assessment
  • Financial analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational change management
  • Operational excellence
  • Process reengineering
  • Customer service optimization
  • and much more

Simon Collins

Simon Collins is an International Partner at KPMG, providing a range of consultancy services. He specializes in digital transformations and aligning business operations with current strategies. He is a strategic thinker who can understand and bring together all elements of strategy and design, making him the perfect partner for businesses looking to succeed.

His deep understanding of new technologies allows him to provide meaningful insight into how digital transformations can best be utilized in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. He has a strong track record in helping organizations move from traditional models to more modern approaches that integrate the latest technologies and trends available across multiple industries. Additionally, he is able to use his in-depth knowledge on cybersecurity and IT risk management to ensure that clients’ systems are safe from threats and remain secure.

Simon Collins has earned both commendations from business owners as well as accolades from industry peers thanks to his accessibility, commitment to results, unwavering passion for problem solving, and ability to build partnerships with multiple stakeholders quickly. This combination of factors makes him one of KPMG’s top 10 consulting partners.

Andrew Pugh

Andrew Pugh is an experienced consulting partner at KPMG. He specializes in strategy and operations consulting, working with some of the world’s leading service-oriented Fortune 250 companies to support their organizational demands in business process improvement and finance transformation.

Prior to joining KPMG, Andrew held senior positions with Ernst & Young’s European risk practice, specializing in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. His accomplishments include developing strategies that has saved the organization millions of dollars and increased the efficiency of its financial reporting process by increasing automation and reducing manual processing efforts. He also leads a team responsible for managing global projects related to implementing efficient processes across various departments and practices.

Andrew’s commitment to excellence has earned him recognition from clients for delivering top quality results on time and for providing excellent problem-solving advice during engagements. Additionally, under his leadership KPMG’s consulting practice continues to be an industry leader rating among the top ten firms globally according to Gartner, Inc., a research firm specializing in information technology.

Eamonn Maguire

Eamonn Maguire is an experienced Partner at KPMG Australia with over 20 years of extensive consulting experience. He is specialized in helping clients in the utilities and infrastructure sectors and has worked in sectors including resources, energy, transport, water, defence and education.

He holds a Bachelor of Business from Sydney University and has been part of various Australian and international engagements for various blue-chip organisations. Over the years he has offered business process management advice to several projects across different industries. Eamonn has expertise across all phases of a project from strategy to operations; formulating strategies; developing plans; designing solutions; and then restructuring organizations or programs to deliver significant value-added gains to clients’ businesses.

Eamonn has also managed critical projects concerning enterprise change initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions as well as implement new technology systems making sure stakeholders are consulted taken into account every step of the way. He is also an experienced trainer who is highly qualified to lead quality improvement initiatives using best practices techniques such as Lean Six Sigma (LSS) framework developed by KPMG.

Richard Farr

Richard Farr holds the position of Americas Market Leader and Global leader for Transformation Services & Complex Projects in KPMG’s Advisory practice. He was also an active nominee for Partner-in-Charge on large engagements.

Prior to joining KPMG, Richard was formerly a Partner at Accenture, focusing on process improvement and technology implementation initiatives. His 20+ years of professional experience span roles from Program Manager to Portfolio Leader at top-tier consulting firms, large organizations, and US Government agencies. Richard brings deep industry knowledge and experience in delivering integrated solutions across many geographies including the US, South America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia Pacific markets.

In his current role with KPMG Consulting, Richard has overseen numerous successful transformation projects for organizations across several industries including energy & utilities, financial services and health care. He has guided the complex challenge of driving measurable value across these industries using an integrated strategy of service delivery models that include both technology delivery solutions as well as business process improvements.

His passion spans the entire end-to-end engineering lifecycle from product inception to release into production environments; designing solutions around client requirements and deploying change within organizations that transform structure or shape processes better enable clients to achieve their ultimate business objectives.

Nicky Slater

Nicky Slater is among the world’s most successful KPMG Consulting partners. He has over 25 years of management consulting experience and spent more than six years at KPMG as a partner.

Nicky has successfully led 50+ multinational project teams to identify growth opportunities, optimize operations, introduce innovative solutions and reduce costs. He has been influential in managing financing initiatives, strategic engagements and academic partnerships with leading institutions such as Wharton, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Cornell University and Stanford University.

Nicky holds an MBA from London Business School and Executive Education Courses from INSEAD Singapore. He also went on to acquire chartered accounting qualifications from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW).

In his current position of Partner at KPMG Consulting, Nicky is responsible for leading projects within sectors including consumer/retail banking (zone lead), life sciences/pharma, industrial products and technology & telecoms. His leadership role focuses on high-impact strategic initiatives including:

  • global program transformation projects with revenue growth focus
  • business process improvements across organization boundaries
  • operations effectiveness consulting engagements

He is an active member in all aspects of the business team – collaborating with clients in remote locations while adapting to circumstances including those related to COVID-19 pandemic work restrictions. Nicky is also currently dedicated to delivering sustainable digital solutions for healthcare systems internationally.

David Harnett

David Harnett is a Partner in KPMG’s Consulting practice and has been with the firm since 2011. He has extensive experience across technology, digital, operational and organizational change from both a client and supplier perspective. In his current role, David works with both public and private sector organisations to create sustainable outcomes that enhance their performance.

Prior to his current role at KPMG, David held other positions in both the public and private sectors. Most notably he was Regional VP Europe at a global services company, delivering customer service solutions to major multi-sector clients throughout Europe. He also ran an independent IT services business for over 15 years where he gained invaluable experience working with secured systems for companies within the finance, communications and legal fields.

David holds an Honours Degree in Computer Science & Business from University College Dublin (UCD), is an elected member of the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants (CIMC) Executive Committee, is a Certified Professional Strategist (CPS) professional certification of the Society for Strategic Studies (S3), and is a Fellow Member of the Irish Computer Society (ICS).

Richard Smith

Richard Smith is a Consulting Partner at KPMG LLP, based in Menlo Park, California. His main focus of practice lies within the tech and mobility industries.

Smith joined KPMG in 2004 and brings over 20 years of consulting experience to the firm. In that time, he has become a trusted advisor to many of the leading technology companies in Silicon Valley. With expertise across areas such as M&A, corporate development/strategy Execution; business process optimization; operating model redesign; customer experience and analytics; enterprise change management; and innovation/startup-enabling, Richard is often retained by cutting-edge businesses to help define their smart mobility strategies for new asset models – leveraging mobile resources such as VPs (virtual people) and dynamic pricing platforms for services-as-products offerings. Additionally, he advises clients on digital disruption including evaluating new services platforms through customer journey mapping tools and other factors tailored toward market leadership positioning within the dynamic industry landscape.

In addition to his client engagements, Richard is an active member of KPMG’s Thought Leadership Network where he provides critical insights into current trends shaping global business operations. As part of this extensive research activity Smith develops disruptive strategy elements for companies looking to expand upon existing competitive offerings or break into new markets altogether–leveraging IP intellectual property investments that go beyond traditional areas of product or service development such as resources, process automations and emerging technologies (such as IoT).

Across all direct client engagements whether its operations design/reengineering–or P&L transformation related matters–Smith centers his efforts on resiliency planning in order to ensure maximum returns from time-sensitive initiatives such as post merger /acqusition integrations or the launch of new lines of services across public/private venues alike. For more information about Richard Smith’s work at KPMG please visit our website for details on his full capabilities profile.

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison has more than 25 years of experience at KPMG, Europe’s leading professional services firm. As a Partner of Consulting, Mark works and leads projects in the Financial Services and Governance & Regulatory consulting space.

Mark possesses strong expertise in Solvency II and Statutory Reporting – understanding the near-term impacts of regulation on an organisation for short as well as long term. He also thinks about alternative models to optimise capital and raise investor confidence, connecting various elements of risk or control frameworks to ensure desired outcomes are achieved efficiently.

For his achievements at KPMG, Mark was recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment’s annual Private Client Investment Awards (2018). He was awarded this prestigious honour for his dedication and commitment to excellence in client service over an extended period of time. This award reaffirms Mark’s exemplary leadership skills and ability to guide clients within increasingly complex regulatory environments which demand detailed insight.

Mark continues to be an advocate for maintaining client trust through producing high quality work that has integrity at its foundation, creating a cycle of learning which will ensure future prosperity in an environment where risk is ever increasing.


This guide presents the top 10 partners of KPMG Consulting, highlighting their respective areas of specialty in order to provide assurance that KPMG is utilizing the industry’s leading consulting professionals. These partners have a breadth of experience and a deep level of expertise that allows them to understand the pressing challenges faced by clients and to develop tailored strategies for helping them reach success.

The selection process for these partners involves careful consideration of skills, depth and breadth of experience as well as overall market impact. There is an emphasis on impact – while all 10 partners possess high levels of technical skill, these professionals also understand the industry dynamics related to their given investment area.

KPMG Consulting is proud to feature these highly accomplished individuals on its team as they are integral for growth within the organization’s many practice areas and regions. The core skillset, leadership principles and commitment to continuous investment remain unchanged no matter where each partner may be stationed. Taken together, these traits provide clients with access to progressive thinking, sharpened by a deep understanding of their business requirements. By working together with KPMG Consulting’s team members in both qualitative and quantitative ways, clients can benefit from enhanced long-term results on both a strategic and operational level.