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Andersen Consulting is one of the most respected and well-known management consulting firms in the world. They have been providing both strategy consulting and operations consulting services to Fortune 500 companies for more than 50 years. Andersen Consulting is dedicated to helping their clients maximize their potential, delivering the highest quality of service.

This article will provide an introduction to the company, their history, and the services they provide.

Overview of Andersen Consulting

Andersen Consulting is the world’s premier management consulting firm, with over 50,000 professionals and 34 countries represented. Founded in 1989, the company has a proven track record of delivering results for some of the world’s largest companies. With a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, Andersen Consulting provides customized guidance and cost-effective solutions to achieve our clients’ goals in a changing business environment.

At Andersen Consulting, our primary focus is maximizing performance and achieving success on behalf of our clients. We provide comprehensive services across a range of key industries including technology, energy, consumer brands, finance and logistics. Our team of experts bring decades of experience in their respective fields to every project they undertake. We focus on providing strategic insights and efficient implementation plans that enable companies to maximize their competitive advantage while controlling expenses.

We have an integrated suite of services designed to meet the needs of organizations regardless of size or sector. These include:

  • IT consulting,
  • strategy planning and implementation advice,
  • process improvements,
  • analytics and digital transformation operations consultation, and
  • operational excellence training for teams looking for best practices to increase efficiency and profits.

Andersen Consulting firmly believes that any successful business is built from trusted relationships with employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders. By fostering these relationships each step along the way we are able create lasting value for all involved parties both now and into the future.

History of Andersen Consulting

Andersen Consulting was founded in the late 1950s by Arthur Andersen, an accountant and business school instructor, with a goal to provide consulting services to businesses. Since then, the company has developed a strategy to become a global leader in the consulting industry by partnering with major consulting firms around the world. In 1989, Andersen Consulting was officially established as an independent firm from its parent company, Arthur Andersen following successful negotiations between its senior partners and board of directors.

The now-renowned consulting firm achieved rapid growth in three major service lines –

  • advisory services for business transformation initiatives;
  • implementation services for technology-enabled business change projects;
  • and information technology (IT) outsourcing services.

The proprietary methodology used by the firm allowed them to gain insights and implement concept into real-world applications through a team of multi-disciplined consultants who worked together within a structured problem (issue) management system.

This innovative approach allowed Andersen Consulting to become one of the premier management consulting firms in the world while winning numerous awards, earning them a top spot on Fortune 500 lists multiple times and generating over $10 billion in cumulative revenue since its inception. Despite being rebranded as Accenture after a split from Andersen Worldwide, their former parent organization in 2001, Andersen Consulting continues to thrive as Accenture today thanks to its unique approach leveraging strategic partnerships around the world that opened doors for organizations worldwide looking for premier consulted solutions for their challenging tasks at hand.


Andersens Consulting is the premier management consulting firm providing a broad range of services. These services include:

  • Developing and executing custom business strategies
  • Leveraging technology to optimize business processes
  • Improving operational performance
  • Driving regulatory compliance.

Moreover, the firm provides a suite of proprietary tools and methodologies to not just deliver results but also help its clients envision, create, and manage their own business transformations.

Strategy and Operations

At Andersen Consulting, we bring together the best of strategy, operations and technology consulting to provide unparalleled services to our clients. Our holistic approach helps clients develop effective strategies for their businesses that go beyond just strategy or operations alone. Our services are highly customized and tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, allowing us to achieve the desired business outcomes.

We offer specialized services across a number of areas:

  • Strategy: We can help you establish goals, develop an appropriate corporate structure and create an effective strategy with measurable results. We can also provide market intelligence as well as advise you on risk management, governance and financing.
  • Operations: Our expert consultants are experienced in all facets of operational management, including budgeting and cost control; process evaluation; supply chain optimization; change management; resource allocation; performance monitoring; and security auditing.
  • Technology: From emerging technologies that will shape the future of your business to more traditional solutions such as ERP implementations, our consultants can analyze and guide your technology decisions. We have expertise in cloud computing, data analytics, systems integration and mobile device applications as well as legacy system maintenance and upgrades.

By having a dedicated team of seasoned consultants in each area – from strategy to operations to technology – Andersen Consulting is able to provide truly deep insight into our clients’ businesses for successful strategies that will generate short-term satisfaction as well as long-term success.

Technology and Digital Solutions

At Andersen Consulting, our technology and digital solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers’ businesses. Our teams have the expertise to develop solutions that enable clients to streamline processes, optimize and increase collaboration, or reduce costs through process automation. We understand the value of technology applications coupled with strong domain expertise – allowing us to deliver sophisticated solutions that deliver tangible results.

Our innovative solutions include:

  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Application delivery management
  • Cloud adoption and migration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital strategy and roadmap formulation
  • Innovation practice building services
  • SAP optimization
  • We also offer consulting for emerging technologies such as blockchain-enabled solutions for enterprise-level cost savings in multiple industries.

We take pride in helping our customers leverage their existing IT investments while taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies that maximize the value of their investments in a valuable and timely manner. Our goal is not only to provide superior quality services with excellent results but also quality assurance throughout the project cycle. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you meet your technology goals!

Human Capital

At Andersen Consulting, we understand the complexities of the people side of transformation, and leverages its experiences and knowledge to help organizations drive sustainable change through its Human Capital offering. Our Human Capital services address the issues related to transforming an organization’s people, culture and work practices in order to improve efficiency while allowing a smooth transition into new ways of working.

We leverage our expertise in change management, learning program design, enabling technology solutions and organizational development consulting, combined with our industry sector knowledge, to respond to unique client needs. Our experienced professionals commit themselves to collaborating closely with clients in developing tailored solutions that meet their business objectives.

Our Human Capital services include:

  • Organizational Design & Development: Supporting organizations looking for deep structural or cultural changes by designing a more functional structure that encourages collaboration and innovation and delivering on change management initiatives.
  • Talent Acquisition & Management: Improving recruitment strategies to ensure the flow of suitable candidates for key roles as well as retention strategies by motivating staff and coaching them through organizational transitions.
  • Leadership Development & Coaching: Equipping leaders with the skills they need to maximize performance within their area whilst creating a cohesive working environment across teams.
  • Learning & Training Programs: Designing customized learning programs through blended techniques such as instructor-led workshops and eLearning tools that enable employees’ continuous skill development.


Andersen Consulting is the number one provider of management consulting services to organizations worldwide. The firm offers specialized expertise and services to clients in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, technology, and health care. Andersen Consulting’s clients are Fortune 500 companies, major government entities, and leading non-profits.

In its commitment to quality and service, Andersen Consulting takes a tailored approach to each individual project, providing strategic guidance and practical solutions.

Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 companies are an impressive and diverse group of publicly listed US companies that experienced the highest success in their industries during the preceding year. These major companies are at the forefront of many aspects, from innovation to growth to sustainability and beyond.

At Andersen Consulting, we work with many Fortune 500 clients, providing custom management solutions for them to better capitalize on their most profitable opportunities. Our team of highly qualified professionals have deep knowledge and experience in various areas such as finance and accounting, operational strategy, risk management, business modeling and analytics; our clients rely on us to make well-informed decisions when it comes to planning their businesses’ futures.

Overall, our expertise enables our Fortune 500 clients to maximize their resources at minimal cost while still achieving maximum efficiency. We are excited by their willingess to embrace change and innovation while tackling the complexities they face; this has allowed us to help them become more successful than ever before.

Government Agencies

At Andersen Consulting, we specialize in providing leading management consulting services to government entities around the world. Our team includes experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds who understand the unique challenges faced by government organizations, and are knowledgeable about the complexities and vagaries of public sector policy.

Our global reach allows us to bring a global perspective to bear on your project, ensuring that you not only get tailored solutions for your specific needs but also have access to the latest insights in management consulting practice. We have a wealth of experience working with clients in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

We offer a full range of services designed specifically for governments:

  • Strategy formulation and implementation
  • Program evaluation
  • Policy development
  • Program management
  • Change management
  • Administrative alignment
  • Organizational design review
  • Communications support
  • Risk evaluation

We provide services tailored to the particular needs of all levels of government – federal, state/provincial, local/municipal – as well as non-profit, international and corporate entities.

No matter what kind of challenge you’re facing, our consultants can guide you through it – from start to finish. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to help you work faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever before – ensuring solutions that are sustainable over the long term. If your organization is looking for an experienced partner capable of delivering rapid results while keeping an eye on long-term objectives – look no further than Andersen Consulting.


Non-profits are a cornerstone of the Andersen Consulting portfolio. Our professionals understand that non-profit organizations often face limited resources and budgets, so it is essential to provide solutions which lead to maximum impact. We develop strategies to generate measurable outcomes and drive the transformational changes demanded in today’s complex environment.

At Andersen Consulting, we collaborate with non-profit leaders to ensure their aspirations can be achieved through tangible and cost-effective means. Our services extend from business planning and organizational assessments to stakeholder engagement and strategic planning solutions. Furthermore, our team can advise on financial sustainability, risk management, governance and stakeholder engagement so non-profit organizations reach their optimal performance level.

By engaging the experience of our team members, including those who have held senior roles in the NFP sector, we ensure that all of our clients have access to Andersen’s high quality advice which has been developed around their needs. The trust placed in us by NFP clients is something we take pride in delivering on every day.


Andersen Consulting, now known as Accenture, has been a major player in the international management consulting sector since its inception in 1989. Over the years, the firm has become a leader in their field, helping organizations worldwide achieve their business goals and solve complex problems.

In this article, we will explore the impact Andersen Consulting has had in the business world.

Positive Impact on Clients

Andersen Consulting’s extensive experience in the field of management consulting gives them a unique advantage in providing clients with the services that they need. Their team of highly trained professionals is able to create tailored solutions that help businesses succeed and effectively meet their goals.

The positive impact of Andersen Consulting’s work is evident in the success stories from their many clients. The firm has been able to provide companies with insight on how to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. They have helped organizations develop strategies for long-term growth, establish new processes for improved performance, and create appropriate structures for managing projects more effectively.

Clients have also benefitted from Andersen Consulting’s continuing commitment to quality assurance as a crucial asset for businesses. Through rigorous quality evaluations, meticulous post-implementation reviews, continuous training programs and proactive customer support, Andersen Consulting has built a track record of successfully improving the performance of clients’ operations.

In addition to this positive impact on clients’ operations and business models, Andersen Consulting also makes an environmental difference through its dedication to corporate social responsibility initiatives such as waste management best practices and sustainability reporting systems implementation. All initiatives undertaken by Andersen Consulting strictly adhere to sustainability principles which result in tangible outcomes – like reduced carbon footprints at client locations – ensuring environmentally responsible near and long-term growth opportunities while reducing operational costs over time.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Andersen Consulting understands that our actions can have a lasting, sometimes global, impact. This is why we make it a priority to ensure that our business operates responsibly in terms of social and environmental considerations. As part of this commitment to corporate ethics and excellence, Andersen Consulting abides by the following principles:

  • We recognize the importance of international environmental standards and promote compliance with appropriate regulations.
  • We act with concern for the environment in both our operations and service delivery, focusing on areas where we can have the greatest positive effect.
  • We strive to make sure all decisions factor in social as well as economic implications.
  • We show respect for cultural diversity by providing an environment where people’s distinct personal identities and beliefs can be respected without bias or prejudice.
  • We manage our operations so they are ethical, safe and comply with laws regulating labor practices worldwide.
  • We ensure systems are in place to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws around the world, including laws related to gifts, favors or bribes in any form of financial transaction.


In conclusion, Andersen Consulting has established itself as one of the premier management consulting firms in the world. It is renowned for its outstanding client service and expertise in providing a tailored solution for its clients. With an experienced team of advisors, the firm is able to provide clients with creative solutions to the most difficult business and financial challenges.

Andersen Consulting stands out from other firms in its ability to provide value-added services and superior results.

Summary of Andersen Consulting’s Success

Andersen Consulting continues to be the premier management consulting firm, providing innovative solutions and strategic guidance to companies around the globe. Thanks to their team of experienced experts, Andersen Consulting provides a full range of services including operational analysis, process improvement, mergers and acquisitions, human resources management and financial planning. Their resourceful approach in helping companies identify core competencies and areas for improvement has enabled organizations in all sectors to succeed.

Andersen Consulting is committed to delivering high-quality results with superior service. By enhancing internal processes and integrating technology with global operations, Andersen has enabled companies to remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment. Through leveraging proprietary tools and global best practices, Andersen has helped more than 7000 corporations optimize performance in the areas of cost reduction, customer service improvements and risk management dynamics. In addition, their next-generation analytical software delivers valuable insights into practically every aspect of a business process making it easier for enterprises to mitigate risk in uncertain times.

With over three decades of leadership experience in advising countless organizations across virtually every industry sector all over the world on high stakes deals, strategic projects and transformation efforts – Andersen Consulting maintains its position as a trusted partner for companies looking for tangible benefits that help them maintain a competitive edge.